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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fixing the Wings of the Sphinxes at Amphipolis

It seems that by now enough pieces of the missing wings of the Sphinxes at the entrance of the Amphipolis’ Tomb have been found to fully reconstruct them, including part of the neck belonging to the second sphinx. The Greek Ministry of Culture has now released a comprehensible drawing of what the sphinxes must look like based of these additional elements.

[Picture by the Greek Ministry of Culture]

The Ministry is also withdrawing its earlier statement about the 0,96 meters wide door that should lead to the fourth chamber. That chamber, however, is now determined as measuring 7.53 x 1.5 meters at least, i.e. much bigger than any of the previous ones.

We are still tributary of the press releases by the Greek Ministry of Culture and can only wait for the further developments.


  1. But, is there a fourth camera? Yes, no, maybe. Depending where you read different things. Thanks

    1. There are times that I think they want to confuse us simply because they are not sure themselves what conclusions to draw. No other major excavation has been followed worldwide from one day to the next as this one in Amphipolis.
      If you read Manolis Andronicos' book about Vergina, it is striking that even HE is still very careful in formulating his sentences and drawing his conclusions. In my eyes that the reason why he writes in the personal "I" form. That should tell a lot, don't you think so?

  2. New Report. A trench on the third chamber bedrock, which leads to ...

    1. In an effort to reach the fourth chamber in the Amphipolis tomb, the excavation crew reached an 8.4 square meter vault and found an almost intact marble door weighing 1.5 tons.
      See more at:
      Let's hope the space is not caving in.