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Alexandria's founded by Alexander the Great (by year BC): 334 Alexandria in Troia (Turkey) - 333 Alexandria at Issus/Alexandrette (Iskenderun, Turkey) - 332 Alexandria of Caria/by the Latmos (Alinda, Turkey) - 331 Alexandria Mygdoniae - 331 Alexandria (Egypt) - 330 Alexandria in Areia (Herat, Afghanistan) - 330 Alexandria of the Prophthasia/in Dragiana/Phrada (Farah, Afghanistan) - 330 Alexandria in Arachosia (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - 330 Alexandria in Caucasus (Begram, Afghanistan) - 329 Alexandria of the Paropanisades (Ghazni, Afghanistan) - 329 Alexandria Eschate or Ultima (Khodjend, Tajikistan) - 329 Alexandria on the Oxus (Ai-Khanoum OR Termez, Afghanistan) - 328 Alexandria in Margiana (Merv, Turkmenistan) - 326 Alexandria Nicaea (on the Hydaspes, India) - 326 Alexandria Bucephala (on the Hydaspes, India) - 325 Alexandria Sogdia - 325 Alexandria Oreitide - 325 Alexandria in Opiene / Alexandria on the Indus (confluence of Indus & Acesines, India) - 325 Alexandria Rambacia (Bela, Pakistan) - 325 Alexandria Xylinepolis (Patala, India) - 325 Alexandria in Carminia (Gulashkird, Iran) - 324 Alexandria-on-the-Tigris/Antiochia-in-Susiana/Charax (Spasinou Charax on the Tigris, Iraq) - ?Alexandria of Carmahle? (Kahnu)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fire of Anatolia – Troy

It definitely is worth to attend the world famous Turkish dance group Fire of Anatolia performing their version of “Troy”. It is a quite festive, captivating and convincing show that leaves a deep impression on my poor soul. It so happens that I come across a few videos on YouTube, a good reason to share them with the people of this world.

I expected that only the Greeks were born with the genes of Homer in their blood, but I discovered that the Turks share this same heritage. Using projection texts and live-voices they cite lines from The Ilias so that the audience can easily follow the story told in both Turkish and English.

The artists are simply awesome! Magnificent dancing, perfect movements of the dancers in splendid costumes, moving in a unison that is quite exceptional! It feels as if there is some invisible figure pulling strings to coordinate every single jump and movement as one. Absolutely unbelievable. I heard that people from Asia and Eastern Europe have a natural sense for rhythm, something we lack in the west – and it definitely does show here. There is no hiatus nor any boring moment. A successive alternation of fast and slow dances, romantic scenes like Helen and Paris, fighting actions of the Myrmidons against the Trojans or single handed battles between Hector and Achilles, it all evolves on the exact beat of the music. It simply leaves you breathless at times! As to the costumes, they reminded me very much of the movie with Brad Pitt and it is easy to recognize who is playing or dancing which role.

All in all very much worth to be seen wherever you are on this planet. Before the show started and during the intermission they presented a list of the countries and cities where they performed and still will perform their shows Fire of Anatolia and Troy. There simply is no excuse for not attending any of these venues since there is a bit of everything for everyone, no matter is you are looking for dance, ballet, folk music or history, you’ll love it!

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